Teen Relationships

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Problems Teens Face In A Relationship

Some of you reading this right now are in a relationship right? some of the things I am going to talk about some of you already been through. And some of you havent, this will help you, get past those problems, and road blocks. This will teach you how to have a Healthy Relationship.

Make Sure Its Ok
Make sure your parents are ok with you dating.They may want you to wait a while, before you start dating someone. If you want a healthy relationship you gotta start off by not lieing to your parents and sitting down and talking to them. Some of you are probally wondering Why do i have to tell my parents? Well if you wanna go on "Dates" like to the movies,go out to eat, go to their house you will HAVE to have your parents permission and i will get into the dating part later on. So 1st- Make Sure Its Ok!

Getting Into The Relationship
Now that you have your parents permission or if you don't now its ok you too can figure out a way to tell your parents. but if you are already told your parents about your relationship along time ago you are on the right track. So know your in the relationship, don't try to rush into kissing, and " making out " and going to each others houses. SLOW DOWN start off by just going to the park and just getting to know each other a little better you can hold hands and walk and just talk no need to RUSH into things. as you progress you can kiss each other a little more and stuff like that. i am not saying you can't kiss at all but we are trying to head into a healthy good relationship. 

What to expect
Here are some things you are to expect when you are in a relationship:

Girls: You know guys and their just being guys, Some of them like to flirt with other girls, and you may see girls flirting with him don't talk to him about it in front of everybody don't make a BIG scene. And some of them WILL cheat. that will be talked about later, thats a whole diffrent situation. And one thing some girls will be faced with is the S word all of you know what i am talking about if you don't e-mail me! IF HE PRESSURES YOU SAY NO! YOUR NOT READY.

Guys: You won't rareley see your girl flirting with another guy. its mostly you guys doing it but there may be some girls who do that. But barely so guys you may see some GUYS flirting with your girl. Don't apporach her right at that momment wait till shes alone and say somethin about it. If you feel you have to. And Same for girls some of them cheat to. we will talk about that later on. Not not only guys but girls really want the S word early! SAY! no i am not ready.

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